Dan L.  |  Marketing Coordinator  |   Chicago-area Non-Profit Foundation

I like to work with printers who know their business, give me prompt service and fair quotes, and provide sound advice when I need it. I am looking for great-looking pieces at a good price, and eDOC has always provided that. Whether it’s a simple postcard or a multifaceted book with spiral binding, tabbed dividers, and great art that I want our customers to treasure, I can count on eDOC to make the project—and me and my company—look good.



Jerod C.  |  Senior Marketing Communications Coordinator  |  Non-Profit Association

Without hesitation, I can recommend eDOC as a reliable, cost-conscious and helpful partner. We trust eDOC to handle all our membership renewal invoicing, event materials, direct mailing and other projects with accuracy and quality.

As a nonprofit association, we are always looking for a partner that understands our unique organizational needs while providing insight into the latest technology and trends for printing.  We have found that with eDOC. We get access to a large scale, innovative operation with personalized, always-available service.



Carrie H.  |  Vice President of Operations  |  Chicago-based Healthcare Organization

Since 2005, eDOC has consistently provided us with excellent quality printing and outstanding customer service. Mark and his team have taken the time to get to know our business, make suggestions, and advise us on the latest printing trends. They are quick to react to our changing needs and continually go above and beyond to meet the timelines needed for our projects. eDOC’s commitment to innovation and outstanding customer service has allowed us to consolidate vendors and streamline our production timelines. Having a local printer we trust has proven to be a great advantage for our business. In addition, they have been a fantastic source of referrals that extend beyond our print needs.



Larry K.  |  Executive Vice President – Sales  |  Retail Organization

Our relationship is strong because of your commitment to understanding the customer. When we purchase with eDOC we know what to expect with no surprises and always with the customer’s request as priority one.



Keith G.  |  Corporate Marketing Production Manager  |  Food & Beverage Marketing Agency

I came to rely on eDOC Communications as a partner in getting a wide variety of print projects produced and delivered on time. We challenged them with many complex projects, all with a demand for flawless color printing/fabrication and kitting/distribution to our field offices on-time with no issues. Their account team worked with us during the ideation of projects. Their exceptionally knowledgeable and talented prepress team ingested our files and guided our team through any issues…the fabrication team came up with unique ways to construct impactful deliverables then had them kitted, packaged, and shipped on time with no issues.  Honestly, I would not have chosen any other company to accompany me on that journey and I will continue to utilize their services for the rest of my career. They do what they promise and continue to over-delivery on quality.



Jon D.  |  Production Specialist  |  Healthcare Association

Our partnership with eDOC has been amazing. They treat their customers like family. I’ve done everything from business cards to banners with them. Quality is always great, they always have it done on time. Even had to rush orders and they were more than helpful getting it taken care of so I could have it on time.  The shipping and turnaround times here are the fastest I have experienced. I’ve done thousands of dollars of business with eDOC and have always had a great experience. The price is right, the team is knowledgeable and helpful and the output is great. I would, and regularly do recommend them to anyone needing printing, especially high volume, short turnaround jobs.



Regina W.  |  Certified Meeting Planner

I have worked with eDOC Communications for almost ten years. One of the things I love most about eDOC is that they have a personal touch that you can’t find with a lot of vendors anymore, and this continues even after they’ve won your business.

In addition, they can handle just about any type of job you give them, from creating specialty packaging to the run of the mill print job. They will do fulfillment and shipping and handle last minute requests like a champ. So reliable and cost effective, they are a definite winner!






Healthcare Branding & the Importance of Color Consistency

Client: Major Chicagoland Healthcare Provider

Client Goals: The client was going through a rebranding process that involved a new identity, with new primary and secondary corporate colors. Their goal was to improve color consistency and maintain consistency throughout their brand with all printed materials.

Challenges: Prior to the new rebranding process, the client struggled get color consistency when printing their new corporate PMS colors, especially when done in 4c process, from their various print partners. The color varied and was inconsistent from vendor to vendor.

The challenge was driven by various printers all trying to match color from different proofing systems and printing equipment. The print files could also vary, as they were also setup by different in-house, freelance, and agency designers.

Solution: Since we knew the new corporate PMS colors and the preferred paper stocks, McCoy for coated and Cougar for uncoated projects, we created 4-color “test swatches” and proofed them until we achieved a very close PMS match which was approved by the client. The CMYK values for the approved test swatches were locked-in in prepress and were used for all future file submissions, regardless the designer.

We then went to press and printed “test sheets” on McCoy and Cougar stocks and got those approved by the client. The printed test sheets were distributed to the client, sales rep, customer service representative, and pressroom, and were used for all future press checks and color matching moving forward.

Benefit: The end result was significantly improved color consistency, supporting the new corporate brand. By being proactive and doing the research, proofing, and print testing upfront, we were able to save time and money down the line and meet the client goal of improved color consistency.