Educational Institutions

Recruit and retain the next generation of learners. Our delivery strategies and personalization technologies get meaningful and motivating materials in front of your prospective students.

Educational institutions, from high school to colleges and universities, depend on eDOC to help deliver their message to students and prospective students across the country.

Especially when it comes to recruiting new students, timing is everything. Let us help you reach prospective students at the right time with the right message.


Educators, administrators, and college recruiters look to eDOC for:

  • Delivery of motivating and memorable communications that make your institution stand out from the crowd
  • Timely, high-quality branded materials, such as promotional items, welcome packages for new students, and event display materials
  • Produce and deliver highly-targeted and personalized direct mail campaigns
  • VIVA camera-based integrity verification system to ensure accuracy and quality of all materials produced in our facility
  • On-demand printing and on-time delivery of print and digital communications in any quantity


Need 24/7, on-demand access to your institution’s printed and digital communications materials? We built nimble for that!

nimble is a customizable online ordering platform accessible to authorized users within your organization. Users can leverage nimble to:

  • Order printed marketing collateral
  • Manage and order inventory of warehoused items, such as promotional giveaways for marketing events
  • Customize templated materials for their specific needs
  • Execute direct mail campaigns
  • …and much more. Learn more about nimble’s capabilities