Medical Services & Products

Share important information with your patients. We take every precaution to safeguard PHI and deliver your message accurately and on time.

Your patients’ health is just as important as their personal information (PHI).

We work diligently to protect your patients’ PHI by leveraging HIPPA-compliant data security practices. We are a security-minded organization committed to data encryption, not only in transit but at rest.

As an ISO 9001 certified organization, we limit internal access to sensitive data and conduct stringent background checks on the employees handling that data. PHI is safeguarded with consistent monitoring using the technology specifically developed to combat data vulnerability.


Trust eDOC as your print and digital communications partner and benefit from our:

  • Data security practices, including ISO 9001 certification and HIPPA compliance practices
  • Expert handling of any volume of sensitive data
  • On-demand production of any quantity of printed pieces—large or small


Have multiple employees who need on-demand access to approved materials in order to serve your organization and its patients? We built nimble for that!

nimble is a fully-customizable platform accessible to authorized users 24/7. Centralize your approved assets and allow your employees to:

  • Order business collateral or printed marketing materials
  • Access, personalize and download non-printed, templated communications
  • …and much more. Learn more about nimble’s capabilities