10 Proven Benefits of Direct Mail

We put together 10 statistics to show you the proven benefits of direct mail marketing. nimble Direct Mail is revolutionizing the mailing industry and will keep your business ahead of the curve.

1. Half of ALL Americans LOOK FORWARD to getting their mail

The majority of people (81%) still pay attention to their mail. Even in our digital age.


55% of consumers said they “look forward” to what they will get in the mail.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 4 in 10 Americans are excited to check their mail.

That’s huge!

This tells you that direct mail is not intrusive to most people. Email and digital ads can be viewed as intrusive since they are a part our ad-saturated online world.

Seeing your name pop out at you on a postcard in your mailbox is hard to miss! Coming up, we have a statistic to prove that personalized postcards make an instant impression.

But first:

2. 70% of people actually PREFER you to market to them via direct mail

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 70% of consumers prefer to be marketed to with direct mail rather than digital.

3. Your business is more memorable when prospects see it marketed in a direct mail piece

So not only are prospects:

  • Checking their mail (81% of them!)
  • 55% of consumers report that they “look forward” to what they are going to receive in the mail
  • They prefer to be marketed to with direct mail (70%)
  • AND they’re 70% more likely to remember your business from your direct mail

When prospects remember your business, they are A LOT more likely to call you and become new customers!

4. 82% of millennials will immediately TRUST a business if they use direct mail

Interesting, right?

Eighty-two percent of millennials will trust your business simply because your mail piece has been printed on nice paper and was delivered by the United States Postal Service.

Since millennials will soon be the caretakers for the Baby Boomer generation, and they are going to outnumber their parent’s generation, you definitely want to make sure that your marketing is reaching those people because there are a LOT of them (73 million in the U.S)!

This will create trust in your business and that should be your #1 goal for marketing. You need to gain the trust from your prospects before you can win leads and convert those into customers.

5. Personalizing your mail pieces with a first name gets more than TWICE as many responses (135% more!)

Every time you receive an email with your first name on it, you’re experiencing personalization.

Personalization is nothing new in emails…

But you can DOUBLE your responses by personalizing your direct mail pieces for only PENNIES extra per piece.

Here is one of our personalized direct mail pieces:

How do we do customized direct mail marketing?

In most cases, businesses will start with figuring out WHO they want to market to.

If you’re using a mailing list, you can laser target your prospects and custom design your mail pieces to have a message and look that markets specifically to them.

Matching your mailing list to your postcard design is VERY affordable, and you can expect MORE LEADS according to the stats.

6. Your business is 20% more memorable when it is marketed in print

We are 20% more attentive and engaged when we are looking at print advertising versus digital, according to a 2017 USPS scientific study.

So print is definitely NOT dead!

7. Your prospects are tired of their email inbox being cluttered with junk mail

50% of emails that go out everyday are considered junk mail. Which paints email marketing in a bad light. So let’s clarify:

Any unsolicited email marketing should be avoided. A lot of people think that it is an invasion of their privacy. BUT following up with leads that have AGREED to give you their email is a great way to convert those leads into paying customers.

Using email marketing as an automated follow-up tool for your leads is an excellent sales strategy.

But keep in mind:

Over 269 billion emails are sent out every day.

Anyone can send an email – but it takes more planning and budgeting to mail a professional mail piece…

Which is most likely the reason why prospects prefer being marketed to through direct mail!

8. You can be 1 out of 200 digital ads seen everyday – or 1 out of 2 direct mail ads!

Direct mail marketing is a HUGE opportunity to get more leads!

There’s less clutter in a person’s mailbox than there is in their email inbox. According to USPS, consumers only receive  2 direct mail pieces per day– SO little!

Which makes it THAT much easier for your mail piece to stand out.

One source states that a person sees around 200 digital ads on their desktop computers each day. That is excluding mobile ads, and mobile device use exceeds desktop use!

But don’t get me wrong…

You should definitely keep your digital marketing going but it should complement your direct mail campaign.

This is where our new omni-channel marketing service comes into play…

9. Strengthening your direct mail campaign with online ads can increase your leads by 28% and your responses by 400%

According to Nonprofit Pro MagazineTwenty-eight is on the low end too.

One of our clients, D’Valda and Sirico, had great results from a nimbleDM postcard marketing campaign that featured a mailing of 9,915 mail pieces.

nimble Direct Mail played a large part in their success. The Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads that complemented this postcard campaign contributed to a large amount of new leads for their dance studio. All because of nimbleDM! This campaign brought in 900 total leads from LEADmatch, 143 new calls, 321 ad clicks from Google and an additional 194 clicks from their social media ads.

nimbleDM is designed to coordinate a 3-part campaign – Google, Facebook/Instagram and targeted direct mail – very user-friendly and very reasonably priced.

Here is what one of our nimbleDM campaigns looks like: 

Postcard Front:

Postcard Back:

Google Ad:

Facebook Ad:

See how each component to the campaign complements each other and displays the same message over and over? That is called omni-channel marketing.

This repetitive strategy plays a key part in making your campaign appear everywhere and be THAT much more recognizable!

The more prospects see that same design, the more familiar they are going to be with your ad. Familiarity creates trust, which creates calls, web traffic, ad clicks and leads!

Direct mail has gained even more life with an added online component! It is far from dead.

10. Integrating Google, Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads can increase your marketing response by 400%

Adding these digital elements to your direct mail campaign costs just PENNIES extra per mail piece if you use nimbleDM!

You can see more nimbleDM campaign stats on our case studies page. We get results!

In closing:

If you still think print is dead, let these REAL successful case studies of ours remind you that when you mail consistently to a targeted mailing list, using nimbleDM, you WILL see results and grow your business! For more on how this all works check out this video:

Need help planning a marketing campaign for your business, or have questions about nimbleDM? Call Tom Meitzler at 847-421-1466! Or you can email us directly at nimbledirectmail@edoccommunications.com.